Thursday, 17 March 2011

The switcheroo

Todays taks was to switch patterns again so now I have been given the done pattern to another garment and my task is to cut out the pattern onto the chosen fabric (Cotton drill) and put it together. I am looking foward to putting this garment together because im am looking foward to the challenge.

Just a selection of the dress I will be sewing

A piece of the pattern Cut out onto fabric.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lets make a dress

So at this point me and my group have all designed a garment and have passed our design on to another member to pattern cut (This is the first time i've made a dress in my 3 years of designing).

Began making this dress by drawing the pannels onto the stand then I translated the pieces into a pattern

This is how it first came out before I added the side pannels

This was the first attempt at the side pannels. I wasnt happy with the result.

As i was unhappy we had a group meeting and came up with the solution that the panel needed to come out at a lower point.

The end result.

pattern cutting exercise

we had an pattern cutting crash course the other day and in this lesson we were taught how to move darts and how to get rid of them entirely. We then were shown an alternative way of moving darts on a stand instead of on a flat pattern. I found working froma astand and tranlating it into a pattern a very useful alternative and I plan to carry on using this method.

once I made the dress block and closed the darts i drew my design on to the paper

After I drew it on I then had to cut each piece out and make it into a flat pattern


So we (my group) have decided the colours that we would like to use for our mini collection so we then went out to Berwick street to gather samples to decide what we would use to create our garments. we came across a few potential samples but didn't decide for now so we are continuing our search.

Just a few shops that we visited

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Art deco

So for our first Project we have been given the choice to create a dress on the art deco era gathering inspiration from buildinge,print etc